West Kington Stud Stallion Centre

Department of the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Approved Semen Collection Centre

The West Kington Stud Stallion Centre was established in 1996 and continues to provide a high class service to collect and freeze equine semen for use nationally and internationally.

Please contact us for a Stallion Centre Information Pack and we will be pleased to send you full details or answer any queries you might have. However, for your guidance, we have included the information here:

Stallion Centre Information Pack:

A Brief Introduction to Frozen Semen
Basic Charges
Guide to Health Requirements & Export Costs
Storage & Distribution Charges
Stallion Checklist
Stallion Agreement
Pre-Entry Health Tests Required - UPDATED - new requirements
Ministry Vet Lab Submission Form - CEM
Ministry Vet Lab Submission Form - EVA & EIA
Declaration of Health Status
Stallion's Covering & Residence Record

Epididymal Sperm Harvesting

Forms & Information for your Vets:
Please note that the pre-entry health tests must be submitted
to the Ministry Vet Lab using the forms provided here

Pre-Entry Health Tests Required - UPDATED - new requirements
Ministry Vet Lab Submission Form - CEM
Ministry Vet Lab Submission Form - EVA & EIA
Declaration of Health Status

The Stallion Centre offers:

  • Individual stallion management
  • On-site semen collection
  • On-site freezing
  • On-site management strict quality control for each collection
  • On-site veterinary surgeon
  • On-site laboratory
  • Experienced staff
  • 24 hour supervision of stallions

In 1996, the West Kington Stud Stallion Centre was set up in conjunction with Martin Boyle MRCVS of the Stallion Reproduction Services to provide a service for collecting and freezing equine semen.

Since then, semen has been frozen from a selection of the best British stallions, including native breeds such as Suffolks, Shires, Cleveland Bay, Exmoor, New Forest, riding ponies and also from International sports horses, including dressage horses, show jumpers, eventers, endurance and racing Arabs.  Frozen semen has been exported to over 45 countries, with a conception rate of 70+%.  Exported frozen semen has successfully been used in Embryo Transfer projects in the UK, USA and New Zealand.

The centre can arrange storage and distribution of the semen and has relationships with various agents around the world to assist stallion owners with marketing, storage and shipping.  Freezing for the UK market takes place throughout the year. As a licensed collection centre, semen can also be collected for the EU market as required.  The collection and freezing of semen for the worldwide market happens at specific times of the year to coincide with international market requirements.  Stallions can be brought to the centre for a short visit to assess the suitability of their semen for freezing.

Competing stallions can visit the centre in off peak competition times to "bank" semen for the summer stud season, so they are not restricted in their competing schedules.  Stallions can be sent to the centre before castration and have their semen frozen and stored for possible future use.

We offer advice and assistance to mare owners from around the world in their search for semen from the best of British native ponies, draught breeds and top competition stallions.

We are helping to establish greater confidence in the use of frozen semen abroad, with high conception rates from the high quality semen exported by West Kington Stud Stallion Centre.